All deposits are non refundable but are transferable to later time or date if available 


Full Payments

All full payments are non refundable but are transferable to a later date


Weather Conditions

Blossom Events doesnt control the weather conditons. If your event is located outdoors and weather prohibts Blossom Events from completing reservation the event decor will be cancelled and rescheduled with no refund.


Picnic Services

Blossom Events is only responsilde for set up equipement and the take down of equitment. We are not resposible for the extra trash that is left by the client. Client is responsible for disposing all trash after reservation is completed 

Rental Agreement

Once deposit is paid you will receive a rental agreement that needs to be signed and sent back in order to secure your event. If rental agreement isn't signed and returned 3 days before event your rental request will be cancelled


Full payment for all party rentals are required the day beofre the event. If payment is not received at least 5 hours before event rental will be cancelled unless other arrangements were made with client


Delivery Fee

Delivery fee is determined by distance and isnt a flat rate. Delivery fee may vary.


Balloon Serviecs 

Blossom Events LLC  uses top quality balloons and balloon products. We hold ourselves responsible forthe balloon décor setup during the installation. Due to environmental factors, we cannot hold ourselves responsible for the balloon décor once it has been installed and our staff has left the premises. Balloons canbe affected by room temperature, humidity, and sunlight exposure, for which we cannot control and thereforecannot be responsible for. Outdoor setups are extremely vulnerable to these factors and therefore thethe outcome of the balloon décor may differ than that of an indoor setup. Indoor/outdoor balloon installationsare subject to staff’s professional opinion to safely and properly install balloon décor.

Phone Booth

To have our 7ft tall phone booth at your event a $150 payment is needed. $100 for the security deposit and $50 for the rental of the booth. The $100 security deposit will be refunded to client if no damages are detected

Blossom Swing Rental

Weight limit is 300- 330 lbs at anytime the weight limit is exceeded and damages are caused there will be a $350 penalty fee for repair and compensation 


Flower Wall Rental

We offer two flower wall sizes




With different services based on themes, props ,balloon arches and special request the price is subject to change. If balloon arches are requested for event the creator will need a 2 hour set up time and a 1hour take down time. Do not request for balloon services if you can not accommodate or have time restraints.